Body Parts

Below is a list of  body Parts in Hunza Burushaski. Note that Burushaski makes a distinction between inherently possessed nouns and non-inherently possessed nouns. Body parts belong to the former group which take pronominal prefixes and thus each noun has various surface forms based on Person/Number/Gender features. Various forms of a kinship term are listed as follows:

Singular                                Plural
a-N(oun) ‘my-noun’           mi-N ‘our-noun(s)’
gu-N ‘your-noun’                ma-N ‘your-noun(s)’
i-N ‘his-noun’                       u-N ‘their-noun(s)’
mu-N ‘her-noun’

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Body Parts
English Singular Plural
arm ashak [ašak] ‘my arm’
gushak [gušak] ‘your arm’
ishak [išak] / mushak [mušak] ‘his/her arm’
mishak [mišak] ‘our arm’
mashak [mašak] ‘your arm’
ushak [ušak] ‘their arm’
eye alchin  [alčin] ‘my eye’
gulchin [gulčin] ‘your eye’
ilchin [ilčin] / mulchin [mulčin] ‘his/her eye’
milchumuts [milčumuc] ‘our eyes’
malchumuts [malčumuc] ‘your eyes’
ulchumuts [ulčumuc] ‘their eyes’
back of skull achharanas [ačʰaranas] ‘back of my skull’
guchharanas [gučʰaranas] ‘back of your skull’
ichharanas [ičʰaranas] / muchharanas [mučʰaranas] ‘back of his/her skull’
michharanas [mičʰaranas] ‘backs of our skulls’
machharanas [mačʰaranas] ‘backs of your skulls’
uchharanas [učʰaranas] ‘backs of their skulls’
back, lower asrcring [aṣc̣iŋ] ‘my lower back’
gosrcring [goṣc̣iŋ] ‘your lower back’
esrcring [eṣc̣iŋ] / mosrcring [moṣc̣iŋ] ‘his/her lower back’
mesrcring [meṣc̣iŋ] ‘our lower back’
masrcring [maṣc̣iŋ] ‘your lower back’
osrcring [oṣc̣iŋ] ‘their lower back’
back, upper awaldas [awald̪as] ‘my upper back’
guwaldas [guwald̪as] ‘your upper back’
iwaldas [iwald̪as] / muwaldas [muwald̪as] ‘his/her upper back’
miwaldas [miwald̪as] ‘our upper back’
mawaldas [mawald̪as] ‘your upper back’
uwaldas [uwald̪as] ‘their upper back’
belly ool [ool] ‘my belly’
guul [guul] ‘your belly’
yuul [yuul] / muul [muul] ‘his/her belly’
miyul [miyul] ‘our belly’
mool [mool] ‘your belly’
uul [uul] ‘their belly’
chest andil [and̪il] ‘my chest’
gundil [gund̪il] ‘your chest’
indil [ind̪il] / mundil [mund̪il] ‘his/her chest’
mindil [mind̪il] ‘our chest’
mandil [mand̪il] ‘your chest’
undil [und̪il] ‘their chest’
chin asan [asan] ‘my chin’
gusan [gusan] ‘your chin’
isan [isan] / musan[musan] ‘his/her chin’
misan [misan] ‘our chin’
masan [masan] ‘your chin’
usan [usan] ‘their chin’
eyebrow altaants [alt̪aanc] ‘my eyebrow’
gultaants [gult̪aanc] ‘your eyebrow’
iltaants [ilt̪aanc]/  multaanc [mult̪aanc] ‘his/her eyebrow’
miltaants [milt̪aanc] ‘our eyebrow’
maltaants [malt̪aanc] ‘your eyebrow’
ultaants [ult̪aanc] ‘their eyebrow’
eyelash alpur [alpur] ‘my eyelash’
gulpur [gulpur] ‘your eyelash’
ilpur [ilpur] / mulpur [mulpur] ‘his/her eyelash’
milpur [milpur] ‘our eyelash’
malpur [malpur] ‘your eyelash’
ulpur [ulpur] ‘their eyelash’
finger amisr [amiṣ] ‘my finger’
gomisr [gomiṣ] ‘your finger’
emisr [emiṣ] / momisr [momiṣ] ‘his/her finger’
memisr [memiṣ] ‘our finger’
mamisr [mamiṣ] ‘your finger’
omisr [omiṣ] ‘their finger’
fingernail oori [oori] ‘my fingernail’
guuri [guuri] ‘your fingernail’
yuuri [yuuri] / muuri [muuri] ‘his/her fingernail’
miiri [miiri] ‘our fingernail’
moori [moori] ‘your fingernail’
uuri [uuri] ‘their fingernail’
forehead aphatti [apʰaṭi] ‘my forehead’
guphatti [gupʰaṭi] ‘your forehead’
iphatti [ipʰaṭi]/ muphatti [mupʰaṭi] ‘his/her forehead’
miphatti [mipʰaṭi] ‘our forehead’
maphatti [mapʰaṭi] ‘your forehead’
uphatti [upʰaṭi] ‘their forehead’
hair aghuyan [aɣuyan] ‘my hair’
gughuyan [guɣuyan] ‘your hair’
ighuyan [iɣuyan] / mughuyan [muɣuyan] ‘his/her hair’
mighuyan [miɣuyan] ‘our hair’
maghuyan [maɣuyan] ‘your hair’
ughuyan [uɣuyan] ‘their hair’
hand ariing [ariiŋ] ‘my hand’
guriing [guriiŋ] ‘your hand’
iriing [iriiŋ] / muriing [muriiŋ] ‘his/her hand’
miriing [miriiŋ] ‘our hand’
mariing [mariiŋ] ‘your hand’
uriing [uriiŋ] ‘their hand’
head ayattis [ayaṭis] ‘my head’
guyattis [guyaṭis] ‘your head’
iyatis [iyatis] / muyattis [muyaṭis] ‘his/her head’
miyattis [miyaṭis] ‘our head’
mayattis [mayaṭis] ‘your head’
uyattis [uyaṭis] ‘their head’
kidney aso [aso] ‘my kidney’
goso [goso] ‘your kidney’
eso [eso] / moso [moso] ‘his/her kidney’
[meso] ‘our kidney’
[maso] ‘your kidney’
[oso] ‘their kidney’
knee adumus [ad̪umus] ‘my knee’
gudumus [gud̪umus] ‘your knee’
idumus [id̪umus] / mudumus [mud̪umus] ‘his/her knee’
midumus [mid̪umus] ‘our knee’
madumus [mad̪umus] ‘your knee’
udumus [ud̪umus] ‘their knee’
kneecap adumuse phul [ad̪umuse pʰul] ‘my kneecap’
gudumuse phul [gud̪umuse pʰul] ‘your kneecap’
idumuse phul [id̪umuse pʰul] / mudumuse phul [mud̪umuse pʰul] ‘his/her kneecap’
midumuse phul [mid̪umuse pʰul] ‘our kneecap’
madumuse phul [mad̪umuse pʰul] ‘your kneecap’
udumuse phul [ud̪umuse pʰul] ‘their kneecap’
leg altants [alt̪anc] ‘my leg’
gultants [gult̪anc] ‘your leg’
iltants [ilt̪anc] / multants [mult̪anc] ‘his/her leg’
miltants [milt̪anc] ‘our leg’
maltants [malt̪anc] ‘your leg’
ultants [ult̪anc] ‘their leg’
lips eyiling [eyiliŋ] ‘my lips’
guyiling [guyiliŋ] ‘your lips’
iiling [iiliŋ] / muyiling [muyiliŋ] ‘his/her lips’
miiling [miiliŋ] ‘our lips’
meyiling [meyiliŋ] ‘your lips’
uyiling [uyiliŋ] ‘their lips’
lung axurpat [axurpat̪] ‘my lung’
guxurpat [guxurpat̪] ‘your lung’
ixurpat [ixurpat̪] / muxurpat [muxurpat̪] ‘his/her lung’
mixurpat [mixurpat̪] ‘our lung’
maxurpat [maxurpat̪] ‘your lung’
uxurpat [uxurpat̪] ‘their lung’
navel asuy [asuy] ‘my navel’
gusuy [gusuy] ‘your navel’
isuy [isuy] / musuy [musuy] ‘his/her navel’
misuy [misuy] ‘our navel’
masuy [masuy] ‘your navel’
usuy [usuy] ‘their navel’
neck asr [aṣ] ‘my neck’
gosr [goṣ] ‘your neck’
esr [eṣ] / mosr [moṣ] ‘his/her neck’
mesr [meṣ] ‘our neck’
masr [maṣ] ‘your neck’
osr [oṣ] ‘their neck’
nose amupusr [amupuṣ] ‘my nose’
gumupusr [gumupuṣ] ‘your nose’
imupusr [imupuṣ] / mumupusr [mumupuṣ] ‘his/her nose’
mimupusr [mimupuṣ] ‘our nose’
mamupusr [mamupuṣ] ‘your nose’
umumpusr [umumpuṣ] ‘their nose’
nostril amultur [amult̪ur] ‘my nostril’
gumultur [gumult̪ur] ‘your nostril’
imultur [imult̪ur]/ mumultur [mumult̪ur] ‘his/her nostril’
mimultur [mimult̪ur] ‘our nostril’
mamultur [mamult̪ur] ‘your nostril’
umultur [umult̪ur] ‘their nostril’
palm (of hand) atatas [at̪at̪as] ‘my palm’
gutatas [gut̪at̪as] ‘your palm’
itatas [it̪at̪as] / mutatas [mut̪at̪as] ‘his/her palm’
mitatas [mit̪at̪as] ‘our palm’
matatas [mat̪at̪as] ‘your palm’
utatas [ut̪at̪as] ‘their palm’
scalp athanas [at̪ʰanas] ‘my scalp’
guthanas [gut̪ʰanas] ‘your scalp’
ithanas [it̪ʰanas] / muthanas [mut̪ʰanas] ‘his/her scalp’
mithanas [mit̪ʰanas] ‘our scalp’
mathanas [mat̪ʰanas] ‘your scalp’
uthanas [ut̪ʰanas] ‘their scalp’
shoulder aphoyn [apʰoyn] ‘my shoulder’
guphoyn [gupʰoyn] ‘your shoulder’
iphoyn [ipʰoyn] / muphoyn [mupʰoyn] ‘his/her shoulder’
miphoyn [mipʰoyn] ‘our shoulder’
maphoyn [mapʰoyn] ‘your shoulder’
uphoyn [upʰoyn] ‘their shoulder’
intestine atshir [acʰir] ‘my intestine’
gutshir [gucʰir] ‘your intestine’
itshir [icʰir] / mutshir [mucʰir] ‘his/her intestine’
mitshiring [micʰiriŋ] ‘our intestine’
matshiring [macʰiriŋ] ‘your intestine’
utshiring [ucʰiriŋ] ‘their intestine’
stomach ooling [ooliŋ] ‘my stomach’
guuling [guuliŋ] ‘your stomach’
yuuling [yuuliŋ] / muuling [muuliŋ] ‘his/her stomach’
 miyuling [miyuliŋ] ‘our stomach’
mooling [mooliŋ] ‘your stomach’
ooling [ooliŋ] ‘their stomach’
tongue oomus [oomus] ‘my tongue’
guumus [guumus] ‘your stomach’
yuumus [yuumus] / muumus [muumus] ‘his/her tongue’
miimus [miimus] ‘our tongue’
moomus [moomus] ‘your tongue’
uumus [uumus] ‘their tongue’
tooth ame [ame] ‘my tooth’
gume [gume] ‘your tooth’
ime [ime] / mume [mume] ‘his/her tooth’
mime [mime] ‘our tooth’
mame [mame] ‘your tooth’
ume [ume] ‘their tooth’
waist apat [apat̪] ‘my waist’
gopat [gopat̪] ‘your waist’
epat [epat̪] / mopat [mopat̪] ‘his/her waist’
mepat [mepat̪] ‘our waist’
mapat [mapat̪] ‘your waist’
opat [opat̪] ‘their waist’
skin awatt [awaṭ] ‘my skin’
guwatt [guwaṭ] ‘your skin’
iwatt [iwat]/ muwatt [muwaṭ] ‘his/her skin’
miwatt [miwaṭ] ‘our skin’
mawatt [mawaṭ] ‘your skin’
uwatt [uwaṭ] ‘their skin’
bone altin [alt̪in] ‘my bone’
gultin [gult̪in] ‘your bone’
iltin [ilt̪in]/ multin [mult̪in] ‘his/her bone’
miltin [milt̪in] ‘our bone’
maltin [malt̪in] ‘your bone’
ultin [ult̪in] ‘their bone’
lock of one’s hair aphinis [apʰinis] ‘lock of my hair’
guphinis [gupʰinis] ‘lock of your hair’
iphinis [ipʰinis] / muphinis [mupʰinis] ‘lock of his/her hair’
miphinis [mipʰinis] ‘lock of our hair’
maphinis [mapʰinis] ‘lock of your hair’
uphinis [upʰinis] ‘lock of their hair’
heel aghaan [aɣaan] ‘my heel’
gughaan [guɣaan] ‘your heel’
ighaan [iɣaan] / mughaan [muɣaan] ‘his/her heel’
mighaan [miɣaan] ‘our heel’
maghaan [maɣaan] ‘your heel’
ughaan [uɣaan] ‘their heel’
elbow asusun [asusun] ‘my elbow’
gususun [gususun] ‘your elbow’
isusun [isusun] / mususun [mususun] ‘his/her elbow’
misusun [misusun] ‘our elbow’
masusun [masusun] ‘your elbow’
ususun [ususun] ‘their elbow’
ear altumal [alt̪umal] ‘my ear’
gultumal [gult̪umal] ‘your ear’
iltumal [ilt̪umal] / multumal [mult̪umal] ‘his/her ear’
miltumal [milt̪umal] ‘our ear’
maltumal [malt̪umal] ‘your ear’
ultumal [ult̪umal] ‘their ear’
jaw amelcr [amelc̣] ‘my jaw’
gumelcr [gumelc̣] ‘your jaw’
imelcr [imelc̣]/ mumelcr [mumelc̣] ‘his/her jaw’
mimelcr [mimelc̣] ‘our jaw’
mamelcr [mamelc̣] ‘your jaw’
umelcr [umelc̣] ‘their jaw’
breast amamut [amamut̪] ‘my breast’
gumamut [gumamut̪] ‘your breast’
imamut [imamut̪] / mumamut [mumamut̪] ‘his/her breast’
mimamut [mimamut̪] ‘our breast’
mamamut [mamamut̪] ‘your breast’
umamut [umamut̪] ‘their breast’
penis ashipin [ašipin] ‘my penis’
gushipin [gušipin] ‘your penis’
ishipin [išipin] ‘his penis’
mishipin [mišipin] ‘our penis’
mashipin [mašipin] ‘your penis’
ushipin [ušipin] ‘their penis’
vagina aghusr [aɣuṣ] ‘my vagina’
gughusr [guɣuṣ] ‘your vagina’mughusr [muɣuṣ] ‘her vagina’
mighusr [miɣuṣ] ‘our vagina’
maghusr [maɣuṣ] ‘your vagina’
ughusr [uɣuṣ] ‘their vagina’
armpit aqat [aqat̪] ‘my armpit’
goqat [goqat̪] ‘your armpit’
eqat [eqat̪] / moqat [moqat̪] ‘his/her armpit’
meqat [meqat̪] ‘our armpit’
maqat [maqat̪] ‘your armpit’
oqat [oqat̪] ‘their armpit’
cheeks amoqisr [amoqiṣ] ‘my cheeks’
gumoqisr [gumoqiṣ] ‘your cheeks’
imoqisr [imoqiş] / mumoqisr [mumoqiṣ] ‘his/her cheeks’
mimoqisr [mimoqiṣ] ‘our cheeks’
mamoqisr [mamoqiṣ] ‘your cheeks’
umoqisr [umoqiṣ] ‘their cheeks’
groin altarang [alt̪araŋ] ‘my groin’
gultarang [gult̪araŋ] ‘your groin’
iltarang [ilt̪araŋ] / multarang [mult̪araŋ] ‘his/her groin’
miltarang [milt̪araŋ] ‘our groin’
maltarang [malt̪araŋ] ‘your groin’
ultarang [ult̪araŋ] ‘their groin’
beard angi [aŋi] ‘my beard’
gungi [guŋi] ‘your beard’
ingi [iŋi] ‘his beard’
mingi [miŋi] ‘our beard’
mangi [maŋi] ‘your beard’
ungi [uŋi] ‘their beard’
biceps girkis [girkis] ‘biceps’
derriere chharban [čʰarban] ‘derriere’
hair bur [bur] ‘hair’
head gapal [gapal] ‘head’
brain mato [mat̪o] ‘brain’
pupil nana [nana] ‘pupil’
throat buk [buk] ‘throat’
shin pini [pini] ‘shin’
mustache salat [salat̪] ‘mustache’