Flowers and Herbs

Below is a list of words for flowers and herbs; unless otherwise specified, the data are from Hunza Burushaski. Click on the play button next to the Burushaski word to hear the audio [Note: forms in italics are spelt using the proposed Burushaski Roman alphabet; phonetic transcriptions using (modified) IPA are provided within angled brackets “[]”].

Flowers and Herbs
English Singular Plural
 herb tea tumuro [t̪umuro]

YB. t̪umur
tumuro [t̪umuro]

YB. t̪umuriŋ
 flower asqur [asqur]
asquring [asquriŋ]
 sun flower sa asqur [sa asqur]
sa asquring [sa asquriŋ]
 rose ghulaap [ɣulaap]
ghulaapiching [ɣulaapičiŋ]
 flower lilyoo [lilyoo]
lilyooming [lilyoomiŋ]
 soap grass sabon sriqa [sabon şiqa]
sabon sriqa [sabon şiqa]
 juniper gal [gal]
galjong [galǰoŋ]
 incense gulgul [gulgul]
gulguling [gulguliŋ]
 incense supandur [supand̪ur]
supandurisho [supand̪urišo]
 herb chootal [čootal]
chootalisho [čootališo]
 herb maadiyan [maad̪iyan]
maadiyan [maad̪iyan]
 flower bud shutuko [šutuko]
shutukumuc [šutukumuc]