Sadaf Munshi with Burushaski speakers in Hundur (Yasin valley, July 2010)
Sadaf Munshi (Project Director) with Burushaski speakers in Hundur (Yasin valley, July 2010)

Welcome to the Burushaski Language Documentation Project!

The materials on this website are the outcome of a project primarily funded by the National Science Foundation’s Documentation of Endangered Languages Program under the title Archive of Annotated Burushaski Texts . Additional funding was made available through intramural grants and other funding opportunities from the University of North Texas. The primary outcome of the project is a collection of high-quality digitized audio and video recordings of oral literature from different, significantly threatened, regional varieties of the Burushaski language spoken in Hunza, Nagar, and Yasin in Pakistan and Srinagar in India (Click here to access the digital collection). A secondary outcome of the project comprises pedagogical materials for language-learning purposes (click on the data catalog and word lists). To know more about the orthography conventions proposed for the language, click here.

Note: This website is updated at regular intervals. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Please come back to check what’s new on the site.

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Sadaf Munshi, May 2015.