Kinship Terms

The following kinship terms are mainly in the Hunza dialect of Burushaski. Dialectal variations will be added to the database at a later point. Note: forms in italics are spelt using the proposed Burushaski Roman alphabet; phonetic transcriptions using (modified) IPA are provided within angled brackets “[]”].

Kinship Terms 
English Singular Plural
 brother (same sex sibling) acro [ac̣o] ‘my brother’
gocro [goc̣o] ‘your brother’
ecro [ec̣o]/ mocro [moc̣o] ‘his/her brother’
mecro [mec̣o] ‘our brother’
macro [mac̣o] ‘your brother’
ocro [oc̣o] ‘their eye’
 daughter-in- law  axakin [axakin] ‘my  daughter-in- law’
guxakin [guxakin] ‘your  daughter-in- law’
ixakin [ixakin]/ muxakin [muxakin] ‘his/her daughter-in- law’
mixakin [mixakin] ‘our  daughter-in- law’
maxakin [maxakin] ‘your  daughter-in- law’
uxakin [uxakin] ‘their  daughter-in- law’
son-in-law arar [arar] ‘my son-in-law’
gorar [gorar] ‘your son-in-law’
erar [erar]/ morar [morar] ‘his/her son-in-law’
merar [merar] ‘our son-in-law’
marar [marar] ‘your son-in-law’
orar [orar] ‘their son-in-law’
Father-in-law of son/daughter
asildir [asildir] ‘the father-in-law of my child’
gusildir [gusildir] ‘the father-in-law of your child’
isildir [isildir]/ musildir [musildir] ‘the father-in-law of his/her child’
misildir [misildir] ‘the father-in-law of our child’
masildir [masildir] ‘the father-in-law of your child’
usildir [usildir] ‘the father-in-law of their child’
Mother-in-law of son/daughter
asilgus [asilgus] ‘the mother-in-law of my child
gusilgus [gusilgus] ‘
the mother-in-law of your child’
isilgus [isilgus]/ musilgus [musilgus] ‘
the mother-in-law of his/her child’
misilgus [misilgus] ‘the mother-in-law of our child’
masilgus [masilgus] ‘
the mother-in-law of your child’
usilgus [usilgus] ‘
the mother-in-law of their child’
 husband ooyar  [ooyar] ‘my husband’
guuyar [guuyar] ‘your husband’
muuyar [muuyar] ‘her husband’
miiyarisho [miiyarišo] ‘our husband’
mooyarisho [mooyarišo] ‘your husband’
ooyarisho [ooyarišo] ‘their husband’
 wife oos [oos] ‘my wife’
guus [guus] ‘your wife’
yuus [yuus] ‘his wife’ 
miis [miis] ‘our wife’
moos [moos] ‘your wife’
uus [uus] ‘their husband’
 husband’s brother’s wife amanggus [amaŋgus] ‘my husband’s brother’s wife’
gumanggus [gumaŋgus] ‘your 
husband’s brother’s wife’mumanggus [mumaŋgus] ‘her husband’s brother’s wife’
mimanggus [mimaŋgus] ‘our husband’s brother’s wife’
mamanggus [mamaŋgus] ‘your 
husband’s brother’s wife’
umanggus [umaŋgus] ‘their 
husband’s brother’s wife’ 
 sister ayas [ayas] ‘my sister’
guyas [guyas] ‘your sister’
iyas [iyas] ‘his sister’ 
miyas [miyas] ‘our sister’
mayas [mayas] ‘your sister’
uyas [uyas]  ‘their sister’
 father ayra [aṛa] ‘my father’
guu [guu] ‘your father’
muu [muu]/ yuu [yuu] ‘his/her father’
miyyru [miyṛu] ‘our father’
mayru [maṛu] ‘your father’
uu [uu] ‘their father’
 mother ami [ami] ‘my mother’
gumi [gumi] ‘your mother’
imi [imi]/ mumi [mumi] ‘his/her mother’
mimi [mimi] ‘our mother’
mami [mami] ‘your mother’
umi [umi] ‘their mother’
 son eyi [eyi] ‘my son’
guyi [guyi] ‘your son’
iyi [iyi]/ muyi [muyi]  ‘his/her son’
miyi [miyi] ‘our son’
meyi [meyi] ‘your son’
uyi [uyi] ‘their son’
 daughter ay [ay] ‘my daughter’
goy [goy] ‘your daughter’
ey [ey]/ moy [moy] ‘his/her daughter’
mey [mey] ‘our daughter’
may [may] ‘your daughter’
oy [oy] ‘their daughter’
 brother of a female oolus  [oolus] ‘my brother of a female’

guulus [guulus] ‘your brother of a female’

muulus [muulus] ‘his brother of a female’

miilus [miilus] ‘our brother of a female’
moolus [moolus] ‘your 
brother of a female’
uulus [uulus] ‘their 
brother of a female’
 brother/sister in law arik [arik] ‘my brother/sister in law’
gurik [gurik] ‘your 
brother/sister in law’
irik [irik]/ murik [murik] ‘his/her 
brother/sister in law’
mirik [mirik] ‘our brother/sister in law’
marik [marik] ‘your 
brother/sister in law’
urik [urik]  ‘their 
brother/sister in law’
 nephew/niece asaghun [asaɣun] ‘my nephew/niece’
gusaghan [gusaɣun] ‘your 
isaghun [isaɣun]/ musaghun [musaɣun] ‘his/her 
misaghun[misaɣun] ‘our nephew/niece’
masaghun [masaɣun] ‘your 
usaghun [usaɣun] ‘their 
 aunt (father’s sister) anco [anco] ‘my aunt (father’s sister)’
gunco [gunco] ‘your 
aunt (father’s sister)’
inco [inco]/ munco [munco] ‘his/her 
aunt (father’s sister)’
minco [minco] ‘our aunt (father’s sister)’
manco [manco] ‘your 
aunt (father’s sister)’
unco [unco] ‘their 
aunt (father’s sister)’
 foster father oosham ayra [oošam aɻa] ‘my foster father’
guusham guu [guušam guu] ‘your 
foster father’
yuusham yuu [yuušam yuu]/ muusham muu [muušam muu] ‘his/her 
foster father’
miyusham miyu [miyušam miyu] ‘our foster father’
moosham maw [moošam maw] ‘your 
foster father’
uusham uu [uušam uu] ‘their 
foster father’
 foster mother oosham ami [oošam ami] ‘my foster mother’
guusham gumi [guušam gumi] ‘your 
foster mother’
yuusama imi [yuusama imi]/ muusham mumi [muušam mumi] ‘his/her 
foster mother’
miyusham mimi [miyušam mimi] ‘our foster mother’
moosham mami [moošam mami] ‘your 
foster mother’
uusham umi [uušam umi] ‘their 
foster mother’
 father in law aaskir [aaskir] ‘my father in law’
gooskir [gooskir] ‘your f
ather in law’
eeskir [eeskir]/ mooskir [mooskir] ‘his/her f
ather in law’
meeskir [meeskir] ‘our father in law’
maaskir [maaskir] ‘your f
ather in law’
ooskir [ooskir] ‘their f
ather in law’
 mother in law aaskus [aaskus] ‘my mother in law’
gooskus [gooskus] ‘your 
mother in law’
eeskus [eeskus]/ mooskus [mooskus] ‘his/her 
mother in law’
meeskus [meeskus] ‘our mother in law’
maaskus [maaskus] ‘your 
mother in law’
ooskus [ooskus] ‘their 
mother in law’
 moms parents apkuc [apkuc] ‘my moms parents’
gopkuc [gopkuc] ‘your moms parents’
epkuc [epkuc]/ mopkuc [mopkuc] ‘his/her 
moms parents’
mepkuc [mepkuc] ‘our moms parents’
mapkuc [mapkuc] ‘your 
moms parents’
opkuc [opkuc] ‘their 
moms parents’
 in-laws aasting [aastiŋ] ‘my in-laws’
goosting [goostiŋ] ‘your in-laws’
eesting [eestiŋ]/ moosting [moost̪iŋ]  ‘his/her in-laws’
meesting [meestiŋ] ‘our in-laws’
maasting [maastiŋ] ‘your in-laws’
oosting [oostiŋ] ‘their in-laws’
 mother’s brother anggo [aŋgo] ‘my mother’s brother’
gunggo [guŋgo] ‘your 
mother’s brother’
inggo [iŋgo]/ munggo [muŋgo] ‘his/her 
mother’s brother’
minggo [miŋgo] ‘our mother’s brother’
manggo [maŋgo] ‘your 
mother’s brother’
unggo [uŋgo] ‘their 
mother’s brother’
 grand child amis [amis] ‘my grand child’
gomis [gomis] ‘your 
grand child’
emis [emis]/ momis [momis] ‘his/her 
grand child’
memis [memis] ‘our grand child’
mamis [mamis] ‘your 
grand child’
omis [omis] ‘their 
grand child’
 mother’s younger brother or brother’s wife jot nana [ǰot nana]  
 mother’s middle brother or brother’s wife makuchim nana [makučim nana]  
 mother’s elder brother or brother’s wife uyum nana [uyum nana]   
 father’s younger brother jot ayra [ǰot aṛa]   
 father’s middle brother makuchim ayra [makučim aṛa] 
 father’s elder brother uyum ayra [uyum aṛa]   
 mother’s younger sister jot mama [ǰot mama]   
 mother’s middle sister makuchim mama [makučim mama]   
 mother’s elder sister uyum mama [uyum mama]   

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