The following individuals are some of the native speakers who contributed to data collection during linguistic fieldwork. The names are alphabetically ordered and the ages are as of summer 2010.

Abdullah (68 years)

– a speaker of Nagar Burushaski and lives in Pisan, Nagar. He is a Trangfa (local administrator) by profession. He contributed a story about the traditional game polo, and a personal narrative about his fight with a wild animal.

Badsha Khan (75 years)

– from Sandi in Yasin. He is a farmer by profession. Badsha Khan has a special interest in the history of his homeland. He is often recommended by people in Yasin for historical accounts. He has lived all his life in Sandi. He contributed stories, historical accounts of royal families, discussion on traditional festivals, and love poems.

Badaq (76 years)

– a Yasin Burusho, he is a carpenter by profession who lives in Gilgit. He has contributed stories.

Namak Alam (85 years)

– a speaker of Yasin Burushaski from Darkut valley. She passed away in January 2011. She was from Darkut valley and contributed stories.

Dawar Muneeb (42 years)

– a speaker of Hunza Burushaski, a businessman by profession, and writes poems in Burushaski. He contributed stories, a poem, and a personal account.

Gulam Dam (42 years)

– a housewife. She is a Hunza Burusho, originally from Ali Abad, Hunza. She contributed a story, wise sayings, and a historical account.

Hasina Bano (approx. 30 years)

– a young Burusho woman, who contributed a number of personal narratives and assisted in data collection and transcription in Srinagar.

Raja Jamsheed Ali Khan (approx. 70 years)

– a retired government employee and a great story-teller who provided rich Burushaski data to the PI since 2003

Raja Mehboob Ali Khan (in his 70’s)

– another wonderful story teller and native speaker of Srinagar Burushaski, a retired government employee in his early 70’s. He contributed some personal narratives and discussions on vocabulary for the project.

Raja Safdar Ali Khan (in his 70’s)

Raja Safdar Ali Khan
Raja Safdar Ali Khan

– a retired school teacher and a speaker of Srinagar Burushaski who has immensely contributed to data collection and analyses since 2003. Popularly known as “Masterji”, Raja Safdar contributed stories, poetry and discussions on the language and its grammar. He also assisted immensely in data analysis.

Mohammad Wazir Shafi (38 years)

Mohammad Wazir Shah
Mohammad Wazir Shah

– a lawyer from Yasin who worked with Tiffou (1990) on Yasin Burushaski. Wazir has been a great source of information on the language; Wazir has immense knowledge of Burushaski language, culture and history; he has published a book Burushaski Razon which provides a grammatical sketch of Yasin Burushaski. Wazir is well known in Yasin because of his work on the language. He contributed stories, participated in discussions, etymology of various place names, and historical accounts. Wazir also worked as a research assistant and a primary source of information for the Principal Investigator during data collection in Pakistan.

Naseema Ali (30 years)

– a young teacher from Nagar who lives in Gilgit. A fluent speaker of Nagar Burushaski, she contributed a story, food recipes and popular proverbs. Naseema also assisted the PI in data collection in Gilgit.